I’m in the process of upgrading to a new lathe, and part of that process is “Out with the old!”

If you’ve come to this page, you’ll have seen a post on Facebook or know me through some other means, so should have a way to contact me if you’re interested.

The lathe is a Poolewood 38/40 (I think), owned from new by the Orchard Woodturners club and then refurbished by me after taking ownership. It’s had a new Inverter and control board wired to the original Motor.

The control board allows for Forward/Reverse, Variable speed as well as combination switches that allow the use of presents (Currently set to 300,750 and 1200 I think).

Because of the unusual thread (1 1/2″ * 6 TPI) with a strange register, I’m providing TWO Axminster Super Precision chucks with the correct Backplate on for this lathe as they’re difficult to get now along with the rests and other items listed. Looking for £250.

The lathe itself has a 15 Inch swing and 44 inch between centres.

  • Height (to top of Headstock) – 54 Inches (Note: Solid hardwood blocks are in use to raise the centre height)
  • Width – 78 Inches
  • Depth – 24 Inches

Weight… bloody heavy! It will fit in the back of an estate once broken down.

Two chucks with jaws (C Jaws and Fixed O’Donnell), 3 Rests, Headstock Spanner and Chuck key.
Showing the Kiss test (Spur Drive & Live centre will be included)

The recently re-wired inverter mounted on the legs

Headstock view showing the Hardwood blocks I’ve used to raise the centre height (I’m 6 Foot)
Excuse the mess, but wanted to show the legs and how I’m using them for storage. Very solid Box section steel with two horizontal rows.

I recorded a video of the lathe running, including the preset speeds on the control box. You can view this here from my OneDrive.